Issue #8: Making The Best Of Edtech

My daughter goes to school in Incline Village. Her first day of school was cancelled. This opportunity may be good timing.

I am thinking of making a curriculum for my daughter for career stuff.

If you enjoy teaching and want to put your skills to use, this Covid-19 pandemic has probably opened new doors for you. EdTech was already popular, but with the global impact of the pandemic, people are turning more than ever to education online. EdTech businesses are booming. The global EdTech market is expected to be valued at USD 404 billion by 2025. EdTech does not have to always mean sitting in front of a camera and taking classes online.

There is no limit to the opportunities that EdTech offers. In fact, there is something for everyone here. There are hundreds of startup ideas in this industry if you just think hard enough. Apart from the usual online tutoring, there are special use cases, like online education platforms for kids with special needs, for example. Or a marketplace for lessons on various subjects. It is similar to sharing class notes with students but getting paid for them in return.

Educational apps are also quite the rage now because of the personalized learning opportunities they provide, using AI and Machine Learning. If you are good at something, you could build an EdTech platform of your own and an enterprise out of it. The best part? It does not necessarily have to be academics - it could very well be art, music, photography, or anything of your liking!

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Description: 6 year old fitness product review site. Brought in 100K over the last 12 months. Domain Authority: 55 with 86% organic traffic. Revenue is derived from Clickbank. Asking Price $220,429 and Net Profit: $7483 per month. And I thought Clickbank was old hat.

Type: Commerical Painting and Industrial Flooring

Link: Commerical Painting and Industrial Flooring

Description: This business provides full service architectural finishes for new construction, maintenance painting, and more based in the southwest USA (location private until NDA is signed. They have a 53-year history as the state’s most respected epoxy installer, steel coater, and architectural and commercial painting contractor and have limited competition, as their size and scale allows them to take on projects that are too large for other businesses in the area. Revenue: $3,777,399, Income: $1,084,082, Multiple 4.61X.

Type: Hunting, Fishing & Outdoor Products eCommerce Store.

Link: Hunting, Fishing & Outdoor Products eCommerce Store.

Description: A 23-year-old, niche business offering hunting, fishing, and outdoor products. Very strong, easy to remember and keyword rich domain name. Average order size is over $1,000! 100% orders use a dropship delivery model, so business can be run from anywhere in world with an internet connection. Vendor contracts can be transferred anywhere within the U.S. Revenue: $710,960, Profit: $50,418, Asking $330,000 ?





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