Issue #9: Partnership Marketing— A Path To Passive Income

Issue #9: Partnership Marketing— A Path To Passive Income

It's a rather obvious but, overlooked opportunity.

Did you ever dream of just relaxing at home and still having money flowing into your account? Well, then affiliate marketing may be worth a try.

We don’t say you have to do nothing to build a steady income through it, but it is surely a great way to earn a passive income. I thought affiliate marketing was saturated. Almost 85% of online shoppers research Google before making a purchase.

If you have a blog affiliate marketing is a solid approach to creating passive income. An affiliate is just a partner. A business that you work with. Consider the possibilities with creative partnerships. You could offer complimentary services where your affiliate provides a service or product like mattresses and you sell eye masks for instance. Look for areas where you can add value to another business.

One of the bloggers, I have been following is Adam Enfroy, who launched a million dollar blog over the period of about 18 months. Of course, there was a learning curve, so he spent years working, in the area of digital marketing before his success.

This needs a little effort and a planning. Here’s what you will need - a suitable affiliate program to join, a platform to reach out to prospective buyers, and some amazing content to hook them on.

Affiliate marketers are everywhere today - reviewing products on YouTube, sharing product images on Instagram, and writing product comparisons on their blogs.

With every big and small business shifting online today, we can only imagine where affiliate marketing could take you a few years from now.

There’s a reason the search interest in “affiliate marketing” rose by 200% in the past 5 years.

Speaking of Affiliate marketing.

Your health is your #1 asset. I always try to find the best sources for information —on the web.

Examine is the largest database of nutrition and supplement research on the Internet. Founded in early 2011, our mission is to analyze the full body of evidence to help you make healthy choices. As an educational organization, we are not affiliated with any supplement or food company, nor are any members of our research team.
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We also take an evidence-based approach to common questions our readers ask, such as the optimum amount of daily protein, and the evidence (or lack thereof) for common nutrition myths and fads such as detoxes.

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Why should you buy vs build it yourself?

You can do both. Buying is a much better option. Personally, I refused to purchase in the past strictly due to ego. I wanted to do it all myself. Work hard but, also work smart. Buying allows massive reductions in risk, more financing options, built in systems and sales.


Type: IT Service Business

Link: S.F. IT Service Business

Description: A San Francisco IT company is selling it's company. They provide IT services across different verticals like legal and medical. Recurring revenue is mostly (80%) through service charges and 20% via hardware sales. Revenue $1,132,752, Income: $672,380 with a 4.76x multiple. Net operating income is about 950K per for this year. Asking Price: $3,200,000

Type: Digital Services

Link: Digital Services—Enterprise Virtual Team

Description:  The business was launched in 2015 and offers virtual team building events geared towards corporate clientele. Since pivoting to fully virtual experiences in 2020, the company has generated an impressive $1.5M in revenue (LTM) by servicing over  2.2K events with a 25.1% repeat customer rate over the same period - all managed by a full team that will transition to a new owner. Annual Gross Revenue $1,660,000, Annual Net Profit: $529,000 and the Asking Price: $1,905,000

Type:  Writing Service

Link: Academic Online Writing Service

Description: To assist students in their academic endeavors, this business was launched in 2017 as an academic writing business. All of the writing assignments are outsourced to writers who are professional, experienced and produce high quality original writing pieces. Clients use the sample paper provided as a guideline to write their own assignments. Annual Gross Revenue: $53,888, Annual Net Profit: $42,628, Asking Price: $157,500. Multiple is 3.69x





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