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We’re constantly researching what kind of big opportunities are out there. It's a sort of personal journal for our own path to investigating. We recommend what we would buy or sell ourselves.

Equity purchases involve the investor and the investor acquires the assets and of a company they purchase.

When purchasing assets there are several benefits.

These benefits include: the avoidance of purchasing hidden issues like phantom equity, hidden warrants or options, tax issues and undisclosed debts.

Different types of assets exist and they include:

Tangible Assets

Intangible Assets

Current Assets

Fixed Assets

Operational Assets

Non-operational Assets

If you are interested in selling these types of assets reach out to list with OO.

Frequency: we send our 2-4 emails a month. You might get an announcement, a bonus, a discount, or us just checking in.

If you're looking for trend reports that will allow you to make better decisions, think about our research reports or paid courses on Mergers and Acquisitions.

These reports show patterns that our analysts have aggregated based on data analysis. Many of the topics in the broad opportunity of our newsletter have become multi-millionaire dollar companies.

It's a combination of human intuition, data analysis & scraping, and experience. It's like having a crystal ball into the future.

Stay on top of trending patterns with clarity and focus. 3-Page Reports start at $1500. Just shoot over an email saying you're interested in Opportunity Overload Research Reports.

We have a free and a paid plan. Our paid plan is $25 per month. You can post sites for free, and you'll be supporting us in delivering the best entrepreneurial content on the market. You'll get 2 issues per month. Besides, that may send announcements, bonuses, offers, etc. once or twice per month.

Tip: If you're sitting on a domain, website or asset that you'd like to sell reach out to us to list it.

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