Issue #18: Experimenting With Deliverables

Issue #18: Experimenting With Deliverables

Broad Opportunities:

There is someone reading this email that is looking for ways to generate side income as soon as possible.

They have a desire to create something useful.

They have a strong desire to start something that is fun and creates value for people.

Let's face it, everything is moving into the digital realm.

It's not to say that the physical world isn't important, IT IS...

At OO we're a big advocate of nature and the nature matrix which can allow you to have acquire new insights. Going for a walk in nature once a week is like working with different tools. So yes, unplug.

Google Sheets is widely used. 2 billion people use Google Sheets every month according to Ask Wonder, a research company.

Create Google Sheet templates for different use cases:

Ad Systems

Product Management

Tracking Marketing Metrics

Ideation for Digital Entrepreneurs

The possibilities are endless. You could outsource the creation, use Gum Road to put up a quick landing page, and advertise to your network or with paid media.

These are assets that can become part of a business' value package. Think of ways to make things easier for people. Here is an example from Andrew Kamphey on Creating a Marketplace using Google Sheets. And yes, companies have been created around this opportunity. Sheet Go is one example with over 2 million users according to their landing page.

Experiment, Test, build, measure, and learn.

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