Issue #19: How to beat 90% of returns by investing in an asset that doesn't lose its value

Issue #19: How to beat 90% of returns by investing in an asset that doesn't lose its value

Broad Opportunities

It was a Friday, and I wasn't eating meat that day.

I stopped off and bought a fish, sandwich from Popeye's.

As I meandered through the parking lot, noticed a darkly lit storefront among all the post-COVID businesses that didn't survive...

As I drove closer, it appeared to be a liquor store. Hmm...

After living in Europe for a while, my taste for liquor has quelled over the years.

I was curious why so many cars were parked in front of this quiet, darkly-lit place.

So, parked and walked inside, as if I were heading into J. Crew.

Looking around...

There was liquor, and lots of it. I still wasn't convinced that liquor was the reason why the business had survived.

I bought a cheap bottle of red wine for $9.

As I got to the front, a short Cambodian woman, took my card.

I asked her, 'what's your bestseller?' She smiled and held up an orange box.

'Nothing sells like these'. They're vaping accessories (I don't vape, so I don't know exactly what was in the box).

She told me that she sells 1000 per day. And nothing makes money like this. As we spoke, someone approached the counter, handed her cash and left with the orange box. Vaping is a risky market, these items will probably be banded in many states and, there are other reasons why you probably wouldn't want to get into a business like this.

We started talking, and she told me about an opportunity that has had great returns on investments.

The Internal Rate of Return (IRR) on agricultural land for the last 25 years has been 11-25%. It's had little volatility and consistent positive returns. There are many opportunities here in the United States and abroad in countries like Malaysia.

See this article, from Ace Trader for 4 different ways you can buy land.  

Resource for getting started: Farm Together

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