Issue #11: Notion Consultant

Issue #11: Notion Consultant
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Broad Opportunity

Notion, a San Francisco-based company has raised over $275 million in a round with Coatue Management and Sequoia. The company is valued at $10 billion. Notion offers a complete knowledge management application for businesses.

It's an all-in-one system. Build a product roadmap, set up a system for goals and KPIs, build a vision/mission statement dashboard and perform all sorts of customized functionality for specific roles or your organization as a whole.

The shift in demand from BIG business (20 million users) for Notion like this has been driven by the post-COVID surge of remote work—people are working remotely and the trend is here to stay.

The platform has a learning curve so this is a viable option for Notion consultants but, you should be able to pick this up in no time at all. To get started, set up systems (sell the systems). Systems themselves increase the valuation of the business. Systems allow improved transparency, sprint planning, onboarding, seamless knowledge transfer systems, and better workflows. Check out the template gallery, here.

These are all huge time and resource investments for many companies. For many companies, they are lost opportunities. A team of Notion VAs that set up and maintain company assets and processes could be profitable from day one.


Find a certified Notion consultant

Websites & Assets

Type: Surf & Discover - Marketing Agency

Link: Surf & Discover - Marketing Agency

Description: The site began with Instagram which has 85.000+ followers. Its Facebook page has 42.000+ followers, and there's an email list of 1.150+ subscribers. Surf & Discover reaches more than 5.000.000 surfers each month!
The owner no longer has time for this project. Everything is in place including. Contact Bart for pricing at the link above.

Type: Chatroom feature for Chat-fuel-powered bots

Link: Anonymous Chat Feature

Description:  Add an anonymous chatroom feature to your Chatfuel-powered bot! Useful for dating applications or chatrooms in general. 6,118 users. Asking price: 6K. See the listing for expenses.

Type:  Content Site

Link: Outdoors Niche Content Site

Description: Content sites are hot. This one is in the outdoors niche generating 100% of its revenue from affiliate marketing. Revenue growth is 14% MoM. Annual Revenue Net Profit: $12,864. Listed by a broker.





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