Issue #21: You're Over-thinking this—here's the opportunity portal for SaaS entrepreneurs.

Issue #21: You're Over-thinking this—here's the opportunity portal for SaaS entrepreneurs.
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Broad Opportunities

Last week I read about a SaaS Company that had a revenue of 150K per month. It can be a long road. SaaS has been around, and Paul Graham from Y Combinator sold the first SaaS product. But, there is another sub-segment of SaaS known as Micro SaaS.

It's showing strong growth in the SaaS market. Micro SaaS focuses on a narrow market, and you don't need a large team for development. Some advantages include recurring profit, fewer capital needs, loyal customers, low risk, expenses and an overall lower barrier to entry.

The types of problems that fit well here are: connecting disparate systems (huge problem in Enterprise companies), replacing Excel or Google Sheet workarounds, enhancing reporting (i.e. an Impact Dashboard) and automating repetitive tasks.

Examples of these Micro SaaS plugins and sites include: learning management systems, team management, browser extensions, plugins, Form, survey builders.

Hyperfury, Upvoty (15K/month), Closet Tools (35K per month), Browserless (50K per month), TextExpander (25k per month) and AccelerList (80K per month).

You can build Micro-SaaS around products like Slack, Twitter, Notion and so forth. Ryan Blyth is a software engineer that quit his 9-5 after bootstrapping several, profitable Micro-SaaS sites. Learn more about finding great niches, in the Micro SaaS Handbook.

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