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Issue #2: Will Lab Grown Meat Be the Future?

Issue #2: Will Lab Grown Meat Be the Future?

Broad Opportunities

Have you tried plant-based meat as yet? Alternatives like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have already got a lot of people talking, but it gets even better with cultured meat.

Lab-grown meat is made using stem cells from an animal’s muscle. Sounds absurd? Well, it’s true. The stem cells multiply after adding pH buffers, salts, nutrients, and growth factor.

Some companies like Memphis Meats, Future Meat Technologies, Aleph Farms, Mosa Meat, Higher Steaks, and Meatable are already making progress here. Memphis Meats has even received investment from Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Kimbal Musk, Cargill, and Tyson Foods.

With one stem cell sample producing 80,000 quarter pound hamburgers, lab-grown meat can save the 70 billion land animals and trillions of marine animals killed every year.

Animal agriculture generates 18% of greenhouse gases, utilizes 34 to 76 trillion gallons of water annually, and has destroyed 91% of the Amazon rainforest for cattle grazing. Lab-grown meat could solve the climate crisis because far lesser resources are required.

Because stem cells are taken from muscle tissue and fat is added later, fat profiles can be controlled and it can reduce the risk of several chronic diet-related diseases. It’s also free from hormones and antibiotics that contribute to zoonotic diseases.

The market is expected to grow at a 15.7% CAGR between 2025 and 2032, reaching USD 593 million by the year 2032. More people are looking to make the switch so this market is definitely one you should keep your eyes on.



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