Issue #15: A New Type of Resume and Re-Circulating Showers

Issue #15: A New Type of Resume and Re-Circulating Showers
Photo by Dmitriy Nushtaev on Unsplash

Broad Opportunity

We've all seen sites like Indeed, Zip Recruiter, Linked-in, and Lever advertising job listings for companies.

The problem is that the format for job descriptions are outdated—the generic and a missed opportunity.

A job description is a broad overview of the job that is being advertised so, even if you do have 70-80% of the skills and qualifications you very well, may not be what the hiring manager is looking for in a candidate.

Job seekers descriptions this to gauge employee-company fit. A job description that walks the user through the role, workflows, tools, expectations would save tons of time. Intercom and Spotify have an interesting approach for initiating projects. Read more about this at the product habits site.

Onboarding and training would be easier and less costly. The job seeker would also have more clear expectations of the role.

Water-Saving Startups

Water is a valuable resource. What would you pay to have unlimited hot showers without wasting water or electricity? Recirculating showers use medical-grade filtration and heat exchange to loop clean water back into the flow instead of emptying a hot water tank to waste

Previously they were merely a luxury idea, a novelty, but with increasing drought conditions in a lot of states (and all over the world there are increasing fiscal and ethical reasons to save water.

Oddly, while there have been a few niche recirculating showers in Australian and European markets, there isn't a big player for America. The incentives for making companies solve this problem are only going to rise with the tide.

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