Issue #4: How Virtual Reality Travel is Changing the Tourism Industry

Issue #4: How Virtual Reality Travel is Changing the Tourism Industry

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The COVID-19 pandemic messed up the travel plans of most people. In 2020, between January and May, the global tourism industry lost $320 billion in revenue (World Tourism Organization).

But that doesn’t mean the end for travel and tourism. VR travel is becoming a popular way to satisfy the wanderlust people have and it’s here to stay.

People can experience a place before they fly

With tools like Google Earth VR, people now get to sample a holiday destination before actually booking their holidays. Want to know something really cool? 50% of people are willing to make use of free VR to choose their holiday destination while 13% would be willing to pay for it.

VR can help people “see” what hotels are available in an area. They don’t have to wait for painful booking processes - everything is made easier with an interface that replaces a touch screen or computer mouse.

People can enjoy VR Airline experiences

VR Travel also makes it possible for people to get a glimpse of flight experiences before making a booking, so they’ll know what to expect.

The market is expected to grow at 32.5% CAGR, reaching US$ 304.4 million by 2023. That’s surely an entrepreneurial opportunity worth exploring.

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