Opportunity Overload

Each and every week, expect three main items from us – broad opportunities (we’re constantly researching what kind of big opportunities are out there), great companies for sale, and premium domains available for your next project. There are so many amazing opportunities in this world – some have your name on them.

The Little Things That Make Up Self-Driving Cars

At this point it seems like self-driving is inevitable – not an “if” but rather a “when” and when we talk about the hardware that goes into them, we’re talking about sensors. The actual car parts are pretty much the same as they’ve always been, and largely manufactured in house or in tight verticals with the parent company. But! With the advent of new players like Tesla, we have the chance to have startups jump in and provide valuable parts. Namely, sensors. Not even of the self-driving radar, vision and lidar types, but even better, more sophisticated electro-magnetic power steering sensors and the like. Cars need to know precisely what state they’re in to be able to make controlling moves, so mechanical positions need to be increasingly tracked. CAGR of 4% towards 2021 but I personally suspect it’ll be more intense than that as the slow-moving old school car companies die and get off the road. Or hey, the going rate for self-driving talent is $10 million a person. Go get paid!

A Note/Opportunity on the Topic of Diet for Entrepreneurs

The world probiotics market, which is still in the early stages of its development, was valued at 32.06 billion back in 2013. The market is driven by a strong trend towards consumer responsibility. Ingredients such as probiotics are gaining increased recognition due to their health benefits (as well as their role in a healthy diet). Probiotics are used to promote optimal digestion, prevent allergies, reduce cholesterol and treat inflammation.

People are becoming more aware of preventative healthcare. There are all kinds of diets out there but keep it simple and watch the carbs.

Lean towards protein with veggies (meat + veggies or veggies + potatoes).

Fermented foods  like kimchi, kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, pickles, miso, tempeh, natto, raw cheese and yogurt serve as probiotics to promote a healthy gut which in turn help to improve your brain processes. Ward off disease progression like Alzheimer’s by eating fermented raw veggies. There is nothing that is better ‘proof of concept’ more than a personal testimonial. As entrepreneurs, we must focus on diet in order to function optimally. Here are a couple of tips on a dietary regimen:

Breakfast: protein, yogurt (goat yogurt is great for helping to create those digestive enzymes – a piece of meat or egg + vegetable and fruit. Stay away from sweets in the morning.

Lunch:  protein + fermented raw veggies like kimchi, red cabbage etc.

Dinner: mostly protein (wild salmon, wild mackerel, sprouted broccoli seeds, sprout flax seeds.)

Opt for wild fish, which doesn’t contain antibiotics and parabens. The Brainmaker is a great book to better understand this stuff.

Industrial Internet

Microgrid Growth

“The grid.” Jeff Bridges starts, “a digital frontier…”

No, not Tron. The grid where all our electricity generation, storage and usage happens. Currently, at least for most countries, it’s a monopolistic entity. There’s usually a minor few large players that service entire cities and states and regions of the continent. But, microgrids are growing – private enterprise that services smaller regions, typically using more modern methods that they can sell for cheaper and gain market share. And they’re on the rise – 13.7% CAGR to year 2020. It’s well known that we’re on the verge of energy shake ups. We’re using more electricity than ever before and old methods of generating it are getting more expensive. Things will shift, and we can capitalize on those resource / market movements.

Industrial Internet

There are so many amazing opportunities in this world – some have your name on them.

  • Data collection. We have offline and IoT sensors as industrial hardware that needs to be designed to attach to various applications.

  • Data storage. This is all the cloud level stuff, the databases and backend of actually maintaining the sheer vastness of inputs for reasonable and useful output.

  • Data presentation. This is the frontend UI level. In the past it’s been monitored by central control rooms, but increasingly we’re seeing more in-field tablet applications for showing the data to the foremen on the ground directly.

  • The future: this is where it gets cool. While not entirely new, the processing power needed makes it much more practical with modern tech. AR (Alternate Reality) for showing data as overlay to the actual factory, or objects in real time. Not just for catching Pokemon!

And naturally, there’s opportunities for all types of designers and makers inside that, from hardware to software, from UI to UX to game developers to PaaS, SaaS and HaaS entrepreneurs. Then, the human side: employee training and safety, regulations and standards moving forward to smooth out the industry and scale it on common ground platforms.

Oh, and maybe make a better UI than the one shown above – this isn’t a movie.